Add-on For K8 Pro Kickstarter Backers

For backers who pledged the K8 Pro on Kickstarter, we will provide a unique code in the Shipping Form email we send around April 21 or 22, so you can order the following add-ons with the unique code to get free shipping for the add-ons (not including any keyboard and Carrying Case) below. We will ship everything together once the K8 Pro keyboard inventory arrived.

Restrictions applied*

*Free shipping add-ons will be shipped with your K8 Pro Kickstarter order only.
*Please make sure to place both the Kickstarter and add-on orders with the same email (which is your Kickstarter registered email)
*Please order with the unique free shipping code so we can ship the order with your K8 Pro Kickstarter order.
*The unique code is non-transferable.

*We may cancel or delete the free shipping code without prior notice.

Check the K8 Pro here.